Riff Raff & Co

How does it help my baby sleep?

Riff & Raff have been specially designed to be used as a toy to promote sleep. Through the use of sound, comfort and routine these toys support babies and toddlers in falling asleep and resettling. See below for more details and features.


Made from super soft polyester material, Riff & Raff are soft and cuddly as well as durable and hand washable.


Your little one will find their touch and sound comforting when transitioning to new environments - be it a holiday, visiting friends or day care.


Let the sounds of Riff & Raff soothe your little one into a good nights sleep - more details below.

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Penny (via Facebook)
My gorgeous 14 month old would only ever nap on me and wake about 6 or so times a night.. She is now napping on her own (still working on the length) but only waking about 3 times a night now as she can find her dummy easily and put it back in herself.

– Penny (via Facebook)

Jayde (via Facebook)
This is literally the best purchase I have EVER made every mum/ mum to be needs one 😍 i can't wait to buy one for son when it gets closer to his due date! This comforter has a soothing lullaby and white noise with the heart beat and raff has put Wynter to sleep in seconds!!

– Jayde (via Facebook)

Liz (via Instagram)
My LO snuggles into his foxy (it's super soft) and loves the white noise. His foxy really assists him to nod off into dreamland - win win for everyone! I love Riff so much I've already sent one to 3 people for gifts

– Liz (via Instagram)

Emily (via Facebook)
What a gorgeous little friend for my 12 month old! She has been nuzzling into Raff ever since we got him. Looking forward to making this my go-to gift for the next bub i know to arrive…..

– Emily (via Facebook)

Jenna (via Facebook)
Riff is the best thing i have bought in the last 18 months! we have gone from waking up anything up to 10 times a night to once only! we even had a solid 12 hours thanks to him!

– Jenna (via Facebook)

Megan - via Insta
Thank you so much for the gorgeous toy, our 16month old absolutely adores it. Just some background, he has never ever slept in the car willingly in his 16months... Now he has his Fox he falls asleep almost every time. The heartbeat/white noise is the best!!

– Megan - via Insta

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  • Made from super soft polyester making them cuddly but durable
  • Removable sound box allows for handwashing of toy
  • Velcro points to enable the toy to be attached to cot or pram as required
  • 30 cm in length from top of ears to bottom of blanket
  • Two sound tracks to choose from - white noise or soothing lullaby
  • Soundtrack will play continuously for 20 minutes before turning off
  • Both tracks have been specifically created to relax and transition babies to sleep
  • Easy to activate sound - with the buttons in the ears designed for little fingers, little ones will soon be playing the music themselves as needed