Riff Raff & Co

Sleep makes babies happy.

Happy babies make for happy parents. Riff Raff & Co sleep toys have been specifically designed to appeal to 3 main sensory cues babies and toddlers rely on for comfort and self-settling. Combining this powerful tool with a calming nap and sleep routine your little one will learn to fall asleep and resettle independently.


Inspired by the cutest critters on the planet, toys so adorable they have been known to cause a raucous between siblings. We chose vivid colours so even the youngest of bubs can focus on their new furry friend.


Made from ultrasoft polyyester fibre, our sleep toys make irresistable slumber buddies. Get ready for a toy drenched in drool from the kisses! Good thing these toys are machine washable so they will be back for more loving week after week.


The final piece of the puzzle and the one that almost no baby can resist. Choose from two tracks - a heartbeat with white noise or a soothing lullaby - both specially created for sleep. Designed to be triggered independently by bubs as young as 7 months for midnight self soothing.

We have hundreds of them

So many in fact we have pages dedicated. Whether it is cat napping, resetlling, terror car rides these guys have been through it all. See the results are having and decide if this could be the bestie your little one needs.


    Easy to clean

    This toy gets loved. A lot. Unzip the soundbox and wash whenever you need. Wash after wash they come up as fluffy and lovable as ever

    Difficult to lose

    Our clever velcro strap allows you to secure the toy to cribs, cots and car seats. So it stays where you want it. For bigger bubs this holds a dummy. No more lost dummies in the night yay!

    Designed for little hands

    The triggers in the ears are the perfect size and placement for little hands to learn very quickly to turn on their buddy when they need the comfort.

    Why are comforters so important?

    Comforters, formally known as 'transitional objects' are really important for many babies as they go through normal stages of development and start to foster independence. Read more about this here

    What do they sound like and how long do they play?

    Press one ear and you have White Noise with heartbeat - especially comforting for little bubs from newborn to under six months. Press the other ear and this is where the magic really starts to happen - the specially designed Sleepy Lullaby will have your little ones eyes closed in no time - and be careful it is known to work on many a dad too! Choose from two volume settings and a 20 min or 40 min length of play.

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