When it comes to the comfort and security of your baby, a baby blanket toy is a must-have item. It can be used as a visual cue for the baby to let them know what’s the next step for their routine, and its familiar scent will assist them in making the transition into sleep. Comforter items like our Riff Raff sleep toys are great positive reinforcement for babies during feeding times or when they're bonding with their parents. By introducing these toys, the baby will associate comfort and serenity with the toy, making transitions in your baby’s life easier for everyone involved. 

At Riff Raff Sleep Toys online shop, we offer baby products that address the sleeping needs of your little bundle of joy. Whether you’re looking for baby security blankets, baby hooded towels, baby sleep aids, teething toys, dummy comforters or toys for cot, integrating a Riff Raff sleep toy into your baby’s bedtime routine can help make the experience more pleasant for your baby. 

How can you choose the best baby blanket?

When choosing the best baby blanket toy, think of the benefits you can reap when the comforter serves more than just one purpose. When it comes to Riff Raff Sleep Toys, you might be surprised to find that it offers so much more than what meets the eye. In addition to their cuddly baby blanket body made of ultrasoft polyester material, our sleep toys also provide comfort and security to your baby. If that’s not convincing enough, then here’s a list of why our customers love them so much!

Plays soothing music 

Our Riff Raff sleep toys are specially designed with a sound box for auditory assistance in helping babies get a good night's sleep. It comes with two options: white noise with heartbeat or a sleepy lullaby. These sounds can be triggered by pressing either of its ears. You can even choose to have it play for 20 or 40 minutes depending on what’s most effective for your bub (the tune is deliberately designed to stop playing at the heaviest part of a baby’s sleep cycle, which is at 15-25 minutes after they fall asleep). 

Adventure buddy

When it comes to the perfect baby blanket toy, you can tell its effectiveness by your child’s tendency to form a unique bond with it. Having a special attachment to a baby blanket toy can help make transitory periods easier for your baby as the presence of their favourite companion can comfort them. Finally, reading stories about these toys from our collection makes the process more engaging, thereby enhancing its effectiveness – that’s why we also have storybooks available that can captivate your child when you read to them about the adventures of their best buddy. 


Your baby’s best friend will always receive some loving attention, and you don’t need to see it happen to believe it – just feel how soaked it is in drool. No need to think about replacing it just yet; our Riff Raff sleep toys are machine-washable, so you can always get rid of the bacteria buildup and ensure your baby’s immune system is well protected. Our products have a durable build to last long enough as a reliable baby blanket toy for many years to come. Another note: based on our customer’s experience, it’s helpful to keep an extra plush during washing just in case the cleaning is taking longer than usual. That’s why we offer a wash day spare plush on our website that looks just like your little one’s pal but without the sound box (don’t worry, they will be none the wiser!).

Has a dummy holder

Our Riff Raff sleep toys have gotten even better with the most helpful feature: our locator strap allows babies to find their dummy easily and keep them attached, so it doesn’t keep falling out of the cot by accident. Know that when we design our products, we keep your baby’s safety in mind first. That's why when it comes to babies under six months old, we recommend that you use the velcro point on the toy’s paw so you can attach it to the side of the cot or bassinet to keep your baby from pulling the toy over their face. You must refer to Red Nose Australia (formerly SIDS & Kids) for safety guidelines for handling infants. Rest assured that our sleep toys have passed strict Australian standards for children’s toys. 

How can you wash a baby comforter? 

When buying from Riff Raff Sleep Toys, follow these instructions to keep your baby’s pal in good condition:

  • Before washing, make sure to take the sound box out first. In case they’re already submerged by the time you’re reading this, you can order spare sound boxes on our website!
  • Set your heat setting to cold or warm wash only (avoid hot)
  • Wash the comforter separately or use a delicates bag.
  • These cuties can tumble-dried to bring back the fluff – warm only and by itself.
  • If your Riff Raff is personalised, we recommend you line dry instead to ensure that the custom name on their pal will last long. 

Where can you buy the best baby blanket?

Sleep is vital for babies and parents, but it can be challenging to find the right sleep aid. Luckily, Riff Raff Sleep Toys has an online store that offers a range of top-quality sleep aid products that can help build positive associations with bedtime. We offer regular and express shipping options for domestic and international orders, so buy baby blanket toys and begin the search for your baby’s next new pal! 

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