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As you mark off items on your baby supplies checklist, one of the things you must not forget is a baby hooded towel. While you can go for a standard towel, why not go the extra mile in keeping your little one warm? A baby hooded towel – as the name suggests – features an extra piece of fabric at one end to create a hood, thus helping to prevent your little one’s head and neck from getting cold, especially after bathtime or an awesome day at the water park. 

At Riff Raff Sleep Toys, we offer a wide selection of baby products to lighten your parenting work and boost the comfort of your baby. No matter what you’re searching for, from baby security blankets, baby sleep aids, dummy comforters, teething toys, newborn toys, to toys for cot, you’re sure to find that our baby products are made with love and crafted with your child’s safety first in mind.

Why do babies need hooded towels?

There’s always a way to make everyday routines enjoyable with your baby, and our Riff Raff baby hooded towel can certainly make bathtime memorable. If you haven’t considered getting one for your baby, read on to discover their benefits, and you might just find yourself wanting to order an entire set! 

Keeps the baby warm 

Baby hooded towels are wonderful for keeping your baby warm after a bubbly bath session. The extra fabric that serves as the hood is effective at minimising your bubba’s exposure to the cold as they chill easily – especially around the neck and head area where babies predominantly retain heat. Our Riff Raff baby hooded towel is super absorbent and wicks water from your little one’s body, thereby leaving the little one feeling warm and cosy after every bath. 

Gentle on skin

Let’s face it: most adult washcloths or towels are made of materials that tend to be rougher and come with a bigger size that’s more difficult to wrap around the baby – it might end up irritating the baby’s sensitive skin. Our Riff Raff hooded towels are made of 100% luxe cotton, so the fabric is gentle on your baby’s skin. It’s also easy to wrap your baby around with its generous size for your little one for more post-bath cuddles!

Makes bath time fun

If your baby already has their Riff Raff Sleep Toy for their bedtime routines, why don’t you add a bit of magic to their bathtime sessions as well? Bubble up your baby and then dry them off with a cosy hooded towel character that matches their Riff Raff Sleep Toy. Having them wrapped around their favourite pal after showering or a swimming lesson can help make them feel extra secure and also build a positive association with bathtime, so they’re always looking forward to the soapy fun!

How can you use a baby hooded towel?

Our baby hooded towel works great for newborns, infants, and toddlers. You can use a baby hooded towel right after bathing your little one or swimming with them at the pool. Some people even use a hooded towel to wrap their baby while at the hospital because some medical checkups require that the baby takes off all their clothes. 

Keep in mind that babies are prone to fall sick, so ensure that other family members don’t use these baby hooded towel for themselves. When it comes to laundry, take note that some chemicals that detergents use can be pretty tough on your bubba’s skin, which is very sensitive to additives like dyes, perfumes, strong cleansers. To ensure that your detergent is mild enough for the baby and works well enough for the entire family, look for one that’s made specifically for infants (usually indicated in the container) or you can opt for a regular, hypoallergenic detergent that is free of dyes and scents. Some experts also recommend choosing liquid detergents over powder, as the latter can leave flakes that are potentially irritating for their skin. 

Our Riff Raff baby hooded towel are machine washable and can be washed with similar colours. However, should there be other deposits on your baby bath towel such as vomit or poop, make sure to wash them separately. 


In addition to their ability to keep babies comfortable after a bath or shower, a baby hooded towel also comes in handy for mothers when they are breastfeeding. The hood can be particularly useful to keep the baby warm or if the mother simply wants a bit of privacy.

Where can you buy good baby hooded towels?

Purchase a great quality baby hooded towel at Riff Raff Sleep Toys. We work tirelessly to provide some of the most unique and helpful baby products to customers in Australia and beyond. As a brand that prides itself on stellar customer service, we understand it is very difficult to know if an online purchase will meet your expectations, and that is why we have a 100% risk-free return policy. If you are in Australia, we even pay the postage!

Our user-friendly website allows you to easily browse through different product sections, choose the items you want and place an order. We dispatch orders quickly, and we also offer regular and express shipping options for both domestic and international orders so your baby’s soon-to-be best friend arrives as soon as possible. For any concerns about your purchase, get in touch with us through our live chat where we are ready to help you with your enquiries!

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