Babies get easily attached to whatever external comfort settles them, and parents are more than happy to soothe their babies most of the time. But at times, unexpected circumstances call for parents to be away from their little ones for a short while – this is when baby security blanket toys come in handy. Baby security blanket toys offer additional comfort to a child, easing them into the practice of self-settling. When introduced positively in a routine, such as during feeding times or during serene bonding moments with the parents, the baby eventually learns that the plush toy equals comfort, and is soothed even when their parents aren’t available during kinder or daycare.

At Riff Raff Sleep Toys, we offer baby products that can assist a baby’s sleeping needs while providing relief to parents. Whether you’re searching for baby hooded towels, sleep aids for toddlers, teething toys, toys for the cot, dummy comforters or newborn toys, our plush toys can bring love and comfort to your baby’s everyday experience. Our ordering process is a breeze, and all our products are available at some of the most competitive rates on the market.

Why does a baby need a security blanket?

With balancing work and attending to the needs of a baby, it can be difficult for new moms and dads to find equilibrium. Luckily, a transitional object like a baby security blanket toy can help with that. 

Promotes comfort 

Our Riff Raff Sleep Toys are soft and fluffy to help lull your little one into a cosy sleep. When they're snuggled up next to their favourite pal, babies can drift off peacefully and enjoy quality sleep – this is your cue to catch up on some winks. Our Riff Raff Sleep Toy even comes with a sound box that plays white noise with a heartbeat in one ear or a sleepy lullaby in the other ear, thereby giving your baby extra assistance in sleeping even when unexpected noises pop up from time to time.

Reassures the baby 

A baby may experience separation anxiety, which occurs in key developments of the baby’s life. To help them adjust without much involvement on your part, the warmth and familiarity of a security item can provide reassurance even when you are not there to hold them. We really recommend you to constantly use Riff Raff Sleep Toys so that your scent rubs onto the surface, thus helping the baby associate the blanket toy with your presence, allowing them to feel safe in your absence. 

How can you choose the best baby security blanket?

There are many baby security blanket toys on the market, and picking the right one may seem a bit challenging. Use the following information to determine the ideal baby security blanket toy.

Consider the materials 

The perfect security blanket toy can ward off the worst of nightmares with just a few steps. First, make sure you select non-flammable and hypoallergenic materials to avoid any allergic reactions or irritation from your little one's sensitive skin. Made from ultrasoft polyester fibre, our Riff Raff Sleep Toys are wonderful and safe slumber buddies. 

Maintenance is important 

Like we mentioned, your baby’s best friend is going to be loved, and that means a lot of drooling and chewing. It’s a good thing their pals are machine-washable, so it not only saves you time and energy but allows the toy to be ready for more loving week after week! A machine-washable baby security blanket toy also means you can wash away the germs and protect their immune system from nasty viruses. But just in case your baby can’t stand not having their Riff Raff around during wash day, make sure to have a backup on hand. If not, you can find a wash day spare plush toy without the sound box on our website.

Extra features 

A baby security blanket toy often includes extra features to enhance its purpose. What makes Riff Raff Sleep Toys so popular is their unique ability to offer security comfort, provide sleep aid, and act as a companion that your child will love – all rolled in one adorable toy! We have spent hundreds of hours carefully designing every feature. From the blanket body that establishes a bond to the dummy holder that secures the dummy at night and the accompanying music that helps babies fall asleep – our toys are unique. And when you factor in how much you save from purchasing separate toys that only do one thing (and they don’t even work!), our price point is hard to beat.

Where can you buy the best baby security blanket?

If all that sums up the perfect baby security blanket toy for you, then what are you waiting for? Looking for the perfect baby security blanket toy doesn’t have to be painstaking. At Riff Raff Sleep Toys, we understand what our customers really want, and that’s keeping the baby’s needs first in mind. That’s why we offer an array of characters – designed to meet various tastes! For a hassle-free shopping experience, our customer service team will verify your order before they ship them out to ensure you get exactly what you want as quickly as possible. Shop now and see your baby fall in love with their pal!

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