Quality sleep ensures that your baby can grow up healthy and happy. However, the reality is that most babies do not simply fall asleep when you need them to. Self-settling is something babies take time to learn through the fourth trimester – meaning they require the help of parents or a caretaker to soothe them to sleep during this period. Introducing a baby sleep aid early on can help ease the baby into a routine that will ultimately make bedtime a pleasant experience. 

At Riff Raff Sleep Toys, we offer a wide range of baby products to help the baby get quality sleep. If you’re browsing around for dummy comforters, baby security blankets, baby hooded towels, teething toys, baby blankets or toys for the cot, our Riff Raff Sleep Toys can help them relax. Our ordering process is a breeze and the delivery times are some of the best in the industry.

What is a baby sleep aid?

A baby sleep aid is designed to help ease a baby’s separation anxiety by helping them form a positive association with sleep. This is done when the parent frequently uses the sleep aid when feeding or cuddling with the baby, thereby transferring their scent onto the sleep aid which in turn comforts the baby even without direct intervention from the parent.

How to choose sleep aids for the baby?

With so many baby sleep aids on the market, finding one that is best for your child can be overwhelming. But with these factors in mind, you should find it easier to make a decision!

Noise Machines

Let’s face it; babies can easily be scared by things beyond their control – from thunder to an unexpected car alarm. Terrifying noises can make bedtime unpleasant for them. Fortunately, noise machines are designed to establish a positive association with sleep through comforting ambient sound cues. For example, white noise helps mask other disturbing noises, so the baby’s sleep is uninterrupted, while pink noise helps babies achieve a longer sleep duration, according to research. 

Riff Raff Sleep Toys has a selection of adorable comforters where you can trigger the White Noise with Heartbeat sound box, which is a great way to soothe newborns up to six months old. To suit the varying range of how babies sleep, you can even choose between two volume settings and opt for the 20- or 40-minute playtime (depending on the setting your baby prefers).

Dummy Holder 

One of the best features of Riff Raff Sleep Toys is that they come with a secure locator strap that allows babies to find their dummies easily. If they’re routinely attached to the Riff Raff toy, you don’t have to keep picking them up and replacing them as dummy comforters need to be clean when your baby uses them. For babies under six months old, the safety tether on the toy’s paw also allows you to attach it to the side of the cot or bassinet to keep your baby from pulling the toy. Refer to Red Nose Australia (formerly SIDS & Kids) for safety guidelines when it comes to handling infants. 

Plush toys 

When introduced routinely during feeding times or when you’re rocking your baby to sleep, our Riff Raff Sleep Toys can eventually help your baby fall asleep without constantly receiving external comfort. Having something to cuddle during sleep time as your child grows will help to comfort them when you are not there. They can also become your baby’s best friend so make sure to choose a companion-worthy pal. Our Riff Raff cuties each have their own children’s book that you can read to your child and bring a little more magic to your bedtime routine. You are even instructed when to press the ear on these Riff Raff cuties so that their sound box is activated and your baby drifts off to sleep listening to the lullaby. 

Where can you find the best baby sleep aid near you?

If you’re looking for a comforter, a sleep aid, and an adorable plush toy, you don’t need to buy all of them separately. Our Riff Raff Sleep Toys ticks all those boxes, providing textural sensory comfort through its blanket-like features and serving as a sleep aid through its relaxing white noise soundbox. The best part is that they come in a variety of characters that your child will grow to love, and will be their companion day in and day out. 

Shop at our online store with peace of mind as all our products are certified safe by Australia’s standards for children’s toys. They are also suitable for babies of all ages and gender. Simply browse through our user-friendly website, pick the items you need, and then place your order. For any questions or inquiries about your purchase, get in touch with us through our live chat, where we are ready to help you with your concerns!
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