Caring for a baby can be one of the most rewarding experiences for parents – at the cost of sleep deprivation sometimes. When your little one gets unsettled, you will be reaching for everything and anything to help soothe, calm and settle them – that’s when the right dummy comforter can come to your rescue.

At Riff Raff Sleep Toys, we offer a wide variety of baby products to make your parenting experience easier and enjoyable. Whether you’re looking for baby blankets, teething toys, baby security blankets, baby sleep aid, toys for the cot or baby hooded towels, our Riff Raff Sleep Toys can add a bit of magic to your baby’s routine. Once you place an order, we dispatch the next day, so your package arrives as soon as possible.

What is the purpose of a dummy comforter?

Dummy comforters are given to babies so they can suckle on something in between feedings and are often made of plastic, rubber, or silicone. A dummy comforter consists of three main parts: a teat, a mouth shield, and a handle. Red Nose Australia (formerly SIDS & Kids) recommends introducing a dummy comforter to your little one once they are at least seven months old. Here’s why dummy comforters may be what your little one needs!

Satisfies baby’s urges 

One of the main benefits of a dummy comforter is that it helps manage the baby’s need to suckle. In most cases, a baby feels a need to suckle on their mother’s breasts even when they are already full from feeding. By providing a dummy comforter, the parent ensures that the baby has something to suckle on without constantly resorting to breastfeeding. 

Manages separation anxiety

Like grownups, babies can also experience separation anxiety brought about by unfamiliar people or adjusting to a new environment where the primary caregiver isn't near. By providing a dummy comforter to the baby, you help keep them relaxed.

Calms them down

At times, whatever heart-melting adorableness babies have during the day turns into a five-hour crying episode that you can’t turn off by night – but there could be a fix for that. Sometimes, something as simple as a dummy comforter can soothe their senses. They can be an immense help during sleep training periods where babies are still learning how long they should go without feeding at night.

Frees your time 

Babies often develop a strong attachment to their mother or the person that spends a lot of time with them. While this is natural, it can sometimes hinder parents from undertaking other important tasks when your little one is accustomed to looking for external comfort. But when they have something in their hand like a dummy comforter keeping them occupied, then fussing for the parent can become less frequent. A baby that is comfortable playing on its own or can self-soothe itself to sleep allows you to attend to other important commitments.

Helps with quality sleep 

Once a baby gets used to a dummy comforter, they will get quality sleep and allow you to enjoy your me-time. In best-case scenarios, you'll likely find yourself relaxing more after putting them down for their nap time (or even better yet: earlier on).

Where can I get the best dummy comforter near me?

The best dummy comforter is often dependent on what your child prefers the most. But if you’re constantly picking up fallen dummy comforters and replacing them all night, you’ll want to take a look at our plush toys. Riff Raff Sleep Toys come with a dummy holder that makes it easy for babies as young as five months old to locate their dummies so they can stay relaxed longer. When your dummies are routinely attached to a Riff Raff, you’re involved with settling them much less, and that’s why they’re so popular among our customers. 

Remember, it is essential to keep the dummy comforter clean as your baby will constantly chew on that. Choose a product that is easy to wash with a gentle detergent to save time. However, if your baby is below six months old and less resistant to infections, go for a dummy comforter that you can sterilise. Luckily, most dummies feature labels that indicate the appropriate ages. At Riff Raff Sleep Toys, our plush products are also easy to wash and are tumble-dryable!

The market for baby products is saturated with a variety of sleep items, but Riff Raff Sleep Toys takes it one step further by putting a sleep aid, a comforter, and a playtime friend all rolled into one adorable sleep toy! No need to lug around several items to keep your little one happy – by personifying their toy into a companion that will help make them feel safe, your life as a parent becomes a whole lot easier. 

With hundreds of glowing reviews on our website, we pride ourselves on offering the best quality baby products to make your parenting job easy and enjoyable. We process all orders within the shortest time possible and ship the item you want both locally and internationally.

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