When your baby becomes clingy at sleep time, it’s important to be prepared with the right sleep aid for toddlers. Babies often experience some degree of separation anxiety from six months onwards, brought about by their increased mobility and a developing sense of physical separation from their primary caregiver. For some babies, it’s a quick phase, but for others, it can continue well into toddlerhood. Getting sleep aid for toddlers is crucial to help bridge your child’s need for security and your desire to help develop their independence. 

At Riff Raff Sleep Toys, we offer baby products to help make your parenting work easier and more fulfilling. No matter what you’re looking for – from dummy comforters, toys for cot, baby security blankets, newborn toys, teething toys to baby hooded towels, you’ll find something magical in our selection of sleep toys. 

How does sleep aid for toddlers work?

Sleep aid for toddlers is any transitional object or comforter that helps toddlers fall asleep even when the parent is not physically involved. They work similar to lullabies and can help build positive bedtime associations – especially when they’re put to sleep by our Riff Raff sleep toys.

Sleep aids like Riff Raff sleep toys can make settling easier for your toddler when introduced frequently during feeding times or moments before bedtime. So, when your baby is introduced to a new environment, such as seeing a doctor, the familiar presence of their Riff Raff can remind them of soothing and idyllic bonding moments that can calm them down. 

What are the best sleep aids for toddlers?

If you’re looking for the best sleep aid for toddlers, you’ll find many baby sleep support options that address different needs, such as blankets, dummy comforters, noise machines, and toys. Before jumping into the first sleep aid item you see, consider what it would cost you to buy all those items separately. Overwhelming? Don’t worry. This is where Riff Raff sleep toys can save the day by answering your baby’s multiple needs with one adorable plush toy! With designs inspired by the cutest critters in the world, 

your child will love their sleep toys even past their toddlerhood. Read on to discover how our product ticks all the boxes for your needs!

Has a blanket body

Blankets can be an excellent form of sleep aid for toddlers. Our Riff Raff sleep toy’s blanket body provides the familiar textural sensory comfort that one would get with a traditional blankie or lovey. Our sleep toys are also made of ultrasoft polyester, making them cuddly while maintaining a machine-washable, durable build that can last long enough for your little one to grow with!

Comes with a dummy holder 

Dummy comforters are often a must-have item as it addresses your toddler’s need to suckle in between feedings. You may have often faced situations when your little one threw their pacifier out of the crib and then started screaming for it. It can get pretty tiring to replace dummy comforters with clean ones all the time. Luckily, our selection of sleep toys comes with a dummy holder that allows you to strap the dummy in so your toddler can easily find it during the night and won’t have to call you to find it for them. 

Plays soothing sounds 

Whether it’s a barking dog, an annoying car alarm, or even a toaster going off – your toddler can have a difficult time getting to sleep in a noisy environment. Noise machines that play calming ambient sounds are often a great solution; for example, white noise contains evenly distributed frequencies, like the whirr of a fan or the hum of an air conditioner, that help mask other noises. It's important to find steady noise recordings so your toddler won't wake up startled from intermittent noises such as periodically whooshing ocean waves, whale songs or crickets chirping. Our Riff Raff sleep toys have two specially designed sounds: white noise with heartbeat and a sleepy lullaby. Depending on your toddler’s preference, you can play either of the sounds for 20 or 40 minutes at two volume levels. Do this routinely, and your bub will recognise the calming signal of our baby lullaby toy and conk out at the right time. 

Can be a companion-worthy toy

This is the most important factor. Even if a sleep aid does all of the above, but if your little one doesn’t form a unique bond with it, it’s unlikely that it will be effective in the long run. Our Riff Raff sleep toys are carefully designed to have the makings of your bub’s next favourite companion (after you, of course). To make this friendship even more memorable, we have dedicated storybooks that you can read to your child. 

Where can I get a sleep aid for toddlers near me?

Find a quality sleep aid for toddlers at Riff Raff Sleep Toys online store. We have baby sleep remedies that will make the bedtime routine easier for parents in Australia and beyond. Our state-of-the-art website makes shopping for multiple items a breeze, plus the ordering process is straightforward. We endeavour to send products as soon as possible so your child can experience comfort and security while you can rest more.

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