Teething is a phase in your baby’s growth that can signal a rather unpleasant time for your little one – and yourself, by extension. With teeth emerging from your baby’s gums, it's not surprising that your little one will be fussy and restless with the pain they're experiencing. Luckily, Riff Raff Sleep Toys offers the best teething toys that can provide relief during this challenging phase when discomfort has everyone on edge.

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When does teething start? 

Many babies will start teething around four to seven months of age. You might even notice teeth pushing through the gums at three months old. The two front bottom teeth usually come out first, and soon after, you may spot the four upper ones popping up in no time too. As your baby starts growing, you’ll find that their smiles grow with them as well – just watch out for these signs that they are about to pop those chompers on you:

  • Crying and irritability
  • Tender and swollen gums
  • Putting objects or fingers in their mouth 
  • Increased drooling 
  • Unwillingness to feed because of sore gums
  • Frequent biting 
  • Disruptions in eating and sleeping routine
  • Rubbing their cheeks and pulling ears due to pain from the eruption of molars

What is the purpose of teething toys? 

Teething toys provide a safe and clean chewing surface offering comfort and relief to babies when their teeth are growing. Here’s how teething toys can support your child’s development: 

Alleviate pain

As the first few teeth pop through your baby's gums, they will likely experience some pretty uncomfortable sensations. If you're not careful, tender toddler gums can end up becoming sore and painful too. For gentle relief that doesn't require medication, a good teething toy massaging the gums is just what this little one needs to soothe inflamed tissue and ease pain in no time at all!

Divert the biting craze

Teething babies are usually in a frenzy to chew on anything they can get their hands and mouth around, and this can especially be frustrating for breastfeeding mothers, to put it mildly. Chewing on teething toys will provide your child with an outlet without hurting anyone.

Facilitates proper growth 

Your baby's urge to chew, bite and gnaw is a natural part of the process that ensures the proper growth of teeth. Biting on a silicone teether available at Riff Raff Sleep Toys will help facilitate saliva flow in the mouth for optimum production of calcium: an essential element that strengthens the teeth as they grow in alignment. 

May help promote oral health 

Your baby’s oral health is of utmost importance. The frequent rubbing of these soft toys helps loosen particles from the baby’s teeth and gums, preventing bacteria build-up, leading to tooth decay or infection. However, these should never replace proper dental care like brushing those tiny pearly whites!

Good for stimulation

Teething toys for babies are an excellent way to stimulate the baby even when you’re not around to hold them. In addition to easing discomfort, other useful features such as bright colours or textures for sensory stimulation make it so much more enjoyable for babies who want nothing but chew-friendly items in their mouths! With the right teethers, it will be common to find your baby happily playing alone in the crib and even falling asleep without requiring your intervention.

How can you choose the best teething toys?

Keep the following in mind when choosing the right teething toys for your newborn.

Think of the materials

For babies who like to gnaw on things frequently, our best recommendation is silicone. They're soft enough so that they don't hurt the baby's gums but strong enough to last a long time, even if your little one likes the taste of it! Make sure they’re hypoallergenic for your peace of mind, as well as lightweight, so your tiny tot can carry them around easily too.

The age of the baby 

Teeth development takes place in stages, and that is why you should pick toys relative to your baby’s teething stage. Some toys are ideal just when the teeth appear, while others may be suitable for advanced stages of teething.

Consider the brand

Reputable brands are a safe bet because they consistently produce high-quality teething toys. At Riff Raff Sleep Toys, we focus on reliability and affordability without cutting corners. All our products have passed the strict criteria of Australia’s standard for children’s toys, so you know they are safe for your loved one. That’s why we’re so proud to share this new addition to the Riff Raff collection: say hello to the Riff Raff Silicone Teether!


This adorable toy addresses your bub’s teething needs while also providing sensory stimulation with the cute animal character design – you can even tether it to the Riff The Fox Sleep Toy, so they’re always comforted by their favourite pal. Soft enough for babies to bite down on, this toy’s long arms and legs have textured bumps to soothe and massage sore gums while bubs chomp away safely. Plus, they also help develop essential motor skills from an early age with their design that’s perfectly sized for little hands.

Riff Raff Silicone Teether’s is perfect as a unisex teething solution for your baby or as a gift to a mum to be. Ensure to store this in the fridge or freezer for an extra cooling sensation that feels good and smooth around the gums.

Where can you buy teething toys?

Buy the best teething toys for your toddler from Riff Raff Sleep Toys. We offer a vast selection of toys to ensure that your baby enjoys playtime as much as they enjoy sleeping. Our products are designed with your child’s well-being first in mind, so your parenting job is easy and enjoyable. Simply browse through our user-friendly website, pick the products you need and place your order. And if you need any help, you can always shoot your questions at our live chat, where we are ready to assist you. Shop our teething toys and find great deals on products that babies and toddlers will love.

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