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Here at Riff Raff & Co we like to give.

We believe healthy businesses have a responsibility to give where they can so we are part of B1G1 * - an initiative where your purchase from Riff Raff & Co will directly impact a person or child in need. 

But we don't want to choose these impacts for you.  After purchasing a Riff Raff & Co sleep toy you will be sent an email listing five options so you get to directly say where our giving goes to and who you impact through your purchase.  

(Commenced 1st August 2018 - updated fortnightly) 

Bay A Bale (Drought affected Aussie farmers)

We have donated $4380 to the organisation to use as needed towards the most drought affected Aussie farmers.

Support an Orphan by Funding an Orphanage.

You've given 359 days of full support to orphaned children in Kenya.
(So They Can)

Lift Kids out of Poverty through Education

You've given 326 days of education and training to children at risk in Vietnam.
(Blue Dragon Foundation Australia) 


Disinfect a Child Delivery Room 

You've provided 95 days of access to a safe environment for women and children in Kenya.
(World Youth Organisation)
Keep a Girl Safe from Sex Trafficking

We have provided 30 days of safety and education to a girl in Cambodia.
(Free to Shine) 
Provide a Life Changing Fistula Operation

We have enabled 2 women's fistula operations to dramatically improve their well being and ability to seek employment. 
(World Youth International) 

 Provide a Business Training Program 

You've given 9 days of business training to women in need to enable her to support her family in Malawi.
(Microloan Australia)

* While most of our giving are made through B1G1 when we choose to support a natural disaster or other good cause not listed through them we will be making donations directly to the charities listed.  FAQs about our giving program can be read here. 

We are chuffed to be able to make these contributions to people and children in need on your behalf.  Any feedback or suggestions for our giving program please email Emma - emma@riffraffandco.com

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