Riff Raff & Co Sleep Toys


Thinking about adding one of these guys to your family but not sure if it is worth it?  We get reviews each and every day so check them out below! We also have articles on how to best introduce and the important roles of comforters but you can always chat to us if you have more questions. 

They are not magic and in most cases it will take time... But with patience and persistence you will have a best friend for your little one - one that can help them fall asleep, re-settle and stay asleep.
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Gave one to my nephew and partners child for Christmas and they haven’t left their sides.

Great comforter and service

We have bought our son the bandit comforter and he loves it. We also had dealings with their service team who were wonderful, so understanding and caring. Would recommend to anyone Thank you

Clover bunny

Clover has been a godsend for my little cat napper!
She closes her eyes as soon as she holds her bunny.

Raffy is our favourite friend

Raffy has been with Everly since birth and we never leave home without him.

In the beginning it was the white noise for comfort during the day but as she has got older at almost 3 months now she is starting to reach for him and snuggle her face against the softness of his fur.

The noise is great, not obnoxious or super loud and the lullaby is sweet.

She knows it’s nap time when he is turned on during the day and it soothes her in the car.

I’ve also just purchased another one for “just in case”.

We love our Raffy and I think Everly will too for years to come.

Highly recommend that every Mum and Bub needs a Riff Raff.


Beautiful product, my grandson loves it! Thank you for your super fast shipping just before Christmas, it was greatly appreciated.

The Riff Raff sleep toy is the absolute best, most appreciated baby gift I have ever purchased.


My daughter loves her riff Raff so much. Wants to take him everywhere and is her comforter for daycare and bedtime. She loves him so much we made sure to buy a second one in case anything ever happens to OG! She also loves her riff Raff book 😍

Newborns must have

I have just received Clover the bunny, for my soon to be born granddaughter. Clover is my 5th Riff Raff purchase, I’ve had 2 for my grandsons, and I’ve purchased 2 others as gifts. They are the perfect companion for newborns, at home, in the car and anywhere you want Bub to drift off to sleep.

Everything and more :) absolutely love it and cannot wait to give to my little man

Love love love

My little girl had a riff raff from early days and we had to get two just in case one got lost and now our son has two also xx amazing product that I highly recommend

Worth every cent

Our little one loves to co-sleep ever since she had been home
From the special care nursery. Now she loves her raffy and sleeps on her own most nights.

Travel buddy in a flash

After another daycare child inadvertently took my daughters Raffy home a week before Christmas, I logged on the Friday night to quickly order another (pending whenever original Raffy was returned).
Received Raffy II the following Wednesday and was so grateful we didn’t have to travel/fly over the Christmas period without it.
Sylvie loves having Raff by her side for sleeps.
Thank you thank you thank you - so much - for the great service!!

Amanda, thank you so much for keeping us posted on your little one and Raffy! We are so pleased to hear they were together for your trip xx

Great snuggle buddy for my Lexi

My daughter has had her Koala since 6 weeks of age. She is now 10 weeks and certainly settles when she gets to nuzzle into it. We travel alot and it's like bringing a bit of home wherever we go😁

This is beautiful Jess, we are thrilled Kirra brings your little one comfort while on the move x

Raffy Book

So excited to have the Raffy book to read with or Raffy. Bedtime is even cuter now!

We love this Katrina! Enjoy those snuggles with your little one while reading together x


The riffrafff was amazingly presented the name on it looked so great

Hi Peta, thank you for choosing us for your little one! Please reach out if you have any questions at all x

Game changer!

I questioned how effective one of these would be for so long that I never ended up purchasing for my now 2.5 year old. It was having our second baby and trying to juggle the two, especially with the second screaming every car ride, that made me think the reward would be greater than the risk. It paid off, with our littlest one taking to get riff raff straight away, settling quicker for sleeps, and actually staying calm in the car!!! Our 2 year old actually requested one for himself, so he now has his very own on its way... better late than never!

Hi Sophie, thank you for choosing us for your family! We are so pleased to hear those car trips are now calm and enjoyable. Please reach out if you have any questions at all x

Perfect for those moments where nothing else will calm bub

We love our riff Raff! We don’t use it ALL the time but we definitely like to use it when nothing else will calm bub, we pop riff raff on and it helps us win the battle of sleep. Also since having it in our lives bub has learnt the technique of self settle from night 1 of being introduced... coincidence or magic who knows haha

Hi Christine, we say magic! And your little one taking so well to their pal! Thank you for choosing us and please reach out if you have any questions at all x


My one yr old is obsessed with her bunny! She knows as soon as we get it, it’s time for a nap and she cuddles with it. Put her to sleep awake in her cot and 5 min later she’s asleep. It’s such a good comforter. She’ll hug it when she’s tired and that also lets me know she needs her nap. Adorable 🥰

Hi Natalie, we are thrilled to hear this! Thank you for choosing us for your little one! Please reach out if you have any questions at all x

Too cute to pass up

Bought my baby Bandit to help him sleep, and my toddler ended up loving it so much I had to buy another for her!
Soothing music but would prefer the option of playing it a little quieter as it seems super loud in the quiet night.

Hi Ruth, thank you for taking the time to let us know your feed back. Your sound box has 2 volume settings. If you find it plays too loud, you can switch to the quieter volume. Please reach out again if we can help you further x


Absolutely Love our Riff RAff so much that I purchased one for a gift for my nephew as I wanted to share how good your products are. My 2 year old girl wouldn't be without her Riff Raff

Hi Emma, thank you for choosing us for your little one and special gift! Please reach out if you have any questions at all x

Riff raff

We got it’s very cute but I don’t think it works for every baby ... mine doesn’t really like it at all but will keep trying hopefully will like it and I can get some sleep

HI Lauren, thank you for taking the time to reach out. I see our customer service team have emailed you with some helpful information. Please do always reach out if we can help you further x


Disappointed the music stops so quickly. Other than that the toy is gr8 quality

Hi Trina, thank you for reaching out! Our customer service team has emailed you some helpful information about Why we don't play all night. Please do let us know if you have any further questions at all x

Wonderful thank you

Very happy with delivery time, exceptional thank you. Product is exactly what I ordered and working great.

Hi Olwen, thank you so much for letting us know how happy you are! Please keep us posted on your little one and their pal x

It was riff-Raff at first sight

I bought my first bub one and she has loved it so much I got another for her soon due little sister. Big sis was so excited to pick one out for her lil’sis.

What a gorgeous gift for your eldest to give to their new sibling! Thank you for choosing us for your family and please keep us posted on their friendships x

We love Clover

We have had Clover the bunny for 2 weeks now.
Our 4 week old daughter settles much easier in her bassinet with the white noise and heart beat.

Hi Nicole, we are thrilled to hear this! Please keep us posted on your little one and Clover x