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Thinking about adding one of these guys to your family but not sure if it is worth it?  We get reviews each and every day so check them out below! We also have articles on how to best introduce and the important roles of comforters but you can always chat to us if you have more questions. 

They are not magic and in most cases it will take time... But with patience and persistence you will have a best friend for your little one - one that can help them fall asleep, re-settle and stay asleep.
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So cute

So cute & exactly how described in adverticement, as seen on Facebook. Hopefully bubs will love it when he arrives & his riffraff toy will help him sleep peacefully, for years to come 🙂👍👶❤🦝

Fawn Riff Raff

We bought the Fawn Riff Raff for our wee little princess. The aoftness of the fabric is lovely. The volume settings are perfect. Only downside is the batteries dont last very long.

Help in the dark

Our son has been an amazing sleeper since he was born (lucky I know!) but then he moved to a bed at 2 years old. He was still a good sleeper but getting him to sleep was a struggle. We tried EVERYTHING! I finally convinced my husband to get a Riff Raff. He was not convinced but said look, it can’t make things worse. I got our son to choose which one he wanted & from that day he LOVED IT!
He hugs it every night & turns it on himself. When he wakes in the night he just turns it back on & goes back to sleep. We found he was scared of the dark & so this has helped so so much. He’s going to sleep so easy & actually staying asleep. We’re also not having to lie with him until he goes to sleep anymore!

Thank you!!! 😘

Sophia Bunny

A beautiful soothing bed mate for my new baby granddaughter which goes everywhere with her.

Absolutely loved

This is the 3rd riffraff Purchase I have made for my grandchildren. Best thing, 3 yr old still cuddles his toy every night. Thank you.

My 11 week old absolutely love his Raffy can not sleep with out him 🥰💙

Madden loves Bandit

My son loves his Bandit. His face lights up whenever he sees him, and has been such a fantastic sleep companion for him.

Duncan loves Alfred the Fox

Duncan is 17days old and loves having Alfred the Fox as his little friend to keep him company and soothe him off to sleep

My first grand child

I bought the sleep toy as a present for my daughter. She wated one so badly for her first child due in 2 weeks. It is such the cutest thing.


well firstly, I was under the impression this was going to be a game changer with helping my child sleep better but unfortunately it hasn’t seem to make a difference at all.
regardless of that it’s a very soft comforter and it’s cute so I don’t feel to bad about wasting $70.

Bedtime story book

Happy with the quality of the book. Highly recommend

Brilliant comforter

My little boy loves his raffy, helps him settle and sleep!


Great toy my boy loves it however wish the noises went longer then 20 mins.

Ashton loves his riffraff!
Worth the money, it's been a sleep saviour for us!

My daughter Savannah loves her clover the bunny🥰 she loves to sleep with clover it’s the best thing I have pursued.. the lullaby and the heartbeat soothes her to sleep specially when she having a ruff night we just push the ears and it sends her back to sleep. I would recommend it to anyone.

So much love!

Lillian has had Bandit since the day she was born and absolutely adores him! Definitely helped with her sleeping his such a great comforter. If she wakes during the night we just put on the lullaby and she goes straight back to sleep. We have just purchased Raffy for her birthday. We can’t wait to give him to her, I’m sure it will be love!

Raff review

This is my 5th you purchase, 3rd one that was a gift for a friend. She has told me she loves it already. I cannot wait for her Bub to fall in love with it just as mine did with hers nearly 2 years ago!
I personally love how easily they wash and the newer sound box with volume and time options.
I already know which ones I’ll get for any future children I have ( unless you release new ones 😱)
Truely greatful I found this product! Thanks again for speedy delivery cannot fault the service or company one bit!

Bandit the Raccoon

These toys are marvelous my granddaughter has 3 Foxes and now my Grandson will have 2 Raccoons when he is born in May. Cheers

Absolutely amazing !!!

I brought a clover the bunny for my daughter and she absolutely loves it will not sleep with out it !!
We have to take it everywhere we go ❤️

Love it!

I was a bit hesitant to buy a riff raff for my son but decided it was worth a try as I didntt use one for my daughter and it took ages for her to self settle. My son only took a few days and now the gentle lullaby soothes him to sleep.


Soothing and comforting

My 5 week old is absolutely in love with his Riffy

Your Littlest New Best Friend

After so many recommendations from friends I finally got one for my little boy when he was about 3months old. For us it wasn’t about sleep but getting him some comfort when sleeping, everything else was an added bonus.
Since this purchase my girlfriends have watched the love my little one has for his bandit and the joy it brings him.
They are all now becoming mummies and they all know they are guaranteed this is my gift from me to them because it’s something I wish I had from the start.

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