Riff Raff & Co Sleep Toys


Thinking about adding one of these guys to your family but not sure if it is worth it?  We get reviews each and every day so check them out below! We also have articles on how to best introduce and the important roles of comforters but you can always chat to us if you have more questions. 

They are not magic and in most cases it will take time... But with patience and persistence you will have a best friend for your little one - one that can help them fall asleep, re-settle and stay asleep.
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Best money I have ever spent.

I bought clover the bunny for my little one who is 4 months old. I saw an instant change in his sleep patterns. I have mastered him settling himself but, it does make bed time a lot easier. He falls asleep as soon as I turn clover on. I am amazed, best money I have ever spent. Would highly recommend this.

Love love

My son won’t sleep without his riff raffs!

Raffy Love

We got our first ‘Raffy’ Declan was about 4 months old and I wish we had got him sooner! He was such a help at that stage for feeding even more than sleeping. Our little one was going through a very restless phase and not breastfeeding well but the white noise from Raffy used to settle him so well and he would feed a lot better. Declan was a decent night sleeper initially but thankfully he had formed a lovely attachment to Raffy so when he went through the 8 month sleep regression recently Raffy was a big help. He doesn’t even get offended when he’s dangled hostage style outside of the cot (after all the dummies have been evicted!) when our son is restless and fighting sleep 😉 He just keeps playing his soothing lullaby until Declan brings him back into the cot and cuddles him to sleep ❤️ We ended up buying a second Raffy when we started childcare so he would never be without him if he got dirty or left behind accidentally. Declan tries to bring him everywhere these days-so sweet to see their connection and very grateful to my friend who recommended Riff Raff sleeping toys ❤️

New baby

Came highly recommended purchased for a new baby


My riff Raff toy arrived earlier than expected and I love it, I’m sure Bub will love it too when he arrives

Babys best friend

My grandson loves his new Riff Raff it helps comfort him and the white noise put him off to sleep pretty quickly. We dont't go anywhere without him


Our grand daughter loved her bed buddy. I wonder if there is a way of turning the music down a bit.
Great for sleep time prep.


Highly recommend.


We have added fox to our sleep routine. Bub took to him well but gradually. Night time settling has gone from 1hr to 20min no patting or rocking required. Still working on daytime naps but can definitely see an improvement.

Such a good sleep helper

We use our Bandit every time our little one goes to bed or when he is unsettled. It works most of the time. I’ve bought one for my friends baby shower and a back up for at home!

Getting my little ready for child care ❤️

Our Riff Raff (which we’ve named KoKo), has helped our babe transition to his cot, his own room and from feeding to sleep. He no longer feeds throughout the night and has KoKo with him for every sleep. We did sleep train to get to this point, but KoKo definitely played an integral part. I love these toys! Best present for new mums and babes ! My son was just about to turn one when we introduced it, it’s not just for little babies.


We purchased Clover the Rabbit for our 6 week old daughter. We picked Clover up the day we headed away for the first time since having our daughter. Our first night away was amazing - Tilly woke once between 630pm and 8am and that pattern has continued ever since. Thank you Riff Raff xx


Fast delivery, amazing quality. can not wait to finally put it to use when bub arrives :)

Love love love

I bought my riff Raff whilst pregnant, my daughters 2 weeks old and already loves it, I find it wonderful to take in the car and in the pram to keep her calm, she really enjoys the heart beat and finds it very calming, I highly recommend this product and plan on purchasing another as a spare for when this one needs a wash

Great Team !

I needed a back up raff for my grandaughter for when she has sleepovers - She won't settle without him.. I accidently selected the wrong one online and emailed the team straight away. They were able to make the swap and put in Bandit and he arrived safely. Crisis averted ! Thanks Team.

For us, we find it ok!

This toy seems to somewhat settle her although we are unsure if it is just a temporary distraction as is anything we had her. After hearing such great things about them from a few others I had to have one but I do not think it has done anything really although it is Beautiful quality & such a cute looking sleep toy.

Great product

Great product we bought this as a second spare just in case we lose the first one

5 star review

We received our riff raff not long ago. I didnt have very high hopes but thought what do i have to lose? And to tell you the truth, its worked wonders. Helps with sleep settling. My son loves the calm music and is able to link sleep cycles with it playing. I hopinh it will teach him yo fall asleep by himself but thats not necessary for now :)

So far, so good!

I pre purchased this, as I am expecting in a few short months!
So far, I am so happy!
Postage was amazingly quick, the material is SO soft. Super easy to use the noise features and a perfect size.

We love Rocket the raccoon. Has taken a bit to get used to it and warm up to it but is loved for snuggles and the lullaby is great.
Slowly learning to self settle

The cutest sleep aid goin round!

My little girl Charlotte is only 2 weeks old and has had foxy since birth. She sleeps with her foxy at every nap time and loves gazing into his eyes... I love the lullaby and white noise seems to calm her also! Looking forward to when she can hold him and give him cuddles!!

Perfect present

Perfect present for my niece: I was gifted Raffi 9 months ago for my little girl and she won't go anywhere without it.. Could not think of any other present to get her

Love it!

My daughter loves her riff raff. Took a few weeks but she now goes to sleep easily.


One of the best things I have bought for my son! Worth every cent. 😍

Best Friends

My son loves the comfort of always having his koala close by. Helps him relax and get into a deeper sleep .