Riff Raff & Co Sleep Toys


Thinking about adding one of these guys to your family but not sure if it is worth it?  We get reviews each and every day so check them out below! We also have articles on how to best introduce and the important roles of comforters but you can always chat to us if you have more questions. 

They are not magic and in most cases it will take time... But with patience and persistence you will have a best friend for your little one - one that can help them fall asleep, re-settle and stay asleep.
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New best friend

Seriously wish I knew about these sooner. He has done great for our sleep routine and made naps easier. I have recommended them to everyone

A good Nanny

These are going to be very loved items for many years. The promptness of delivery was outstanding.

Bedtime book

The accompanying bedtime book is gorgeous! We read it each night and he knows what is going to come next. A great addition to our bedtime routine!

Holding taffy tight

I purchased raffy before my baby was born and she's had it since day one. Raffy has even put me to sleep on the odd occasion too. Going to buy a clover soon! Love how cute they all are

Love our Raffy

My son just drifts off to sleep with his Riff Raff.

Jarvis and Foxy

Our 4 month old Jarvis loves his Foxy . Goes everywhere with him , Best early christmas present ever xx

Sooo cute

These are sooo cute. I purshased Bandit for my grandson and Clover for my soon to be granddaughter. These are bigger than expected which I appreciate as it accommodates children of different ages. I can’t wait to give these lovely Riff Raff toys to them.

Love it!

My son absolutely loves it!
As soon as the riff raff is near him he becomes calm straight away and falls asleep while cuddling it, highly recommend.

Love Bandit!!

My little one is 5 months old now and has bandit since the day she was born. She always sleeps with him and loves to cuddle. Grandma has one as well now. At first we used the white noise with heartbeat and now the lullaby. I love the sound!

Thanks so much for your review Tessa - we are just thrilled to hear how much you little one is loving her snuggle pals xx
Love it!

This is my second bunny I’ve purchased for my daughter - she is so attached to them and hates sleeping without it which is my reasoning for purchasing a second one for those days I was it. Thank you so much! They are amazing.

So wonderful to hear how much your little one is loving her bunnies - thanks so much for writing a review for us xx
Rescue my catnapper

It works! It works! I was a bit skeptic at first but thought will give it a try. My little one is a serial catnapper and I was just so surprise when he started taking more than 30 mins nap ever since we received the Riff Raff. His naps go for more than an hour each time now and I couldn’t be happier!
Still waking few times at night but that’s because the lullaby could only last for 40 mins and I don’t blame it. I breastfeed him back to sleep with the lullaby on. Thinking to order the second one when my little one starts childcare. Not sure what’s the magic but it really works!

Thanks so much for taking the time to write a review for us Adeline - so thrilled to hear that you took the plunge on our sleep toys and that you have seen such a positive difference in your little one's sleeps already xx
Good buy

As expected

Thanks Therese! xx
The cutest

So soft, and so cute. Bought for my friends newborn and she loves it!

Thanks so much Ella for gifting one of our pals to your friend's little one - so wonderful to hear she is loving it xx
My son loves this book addition!!

And now we know the words to the lullaby! We sing this together.

So lovely to hear our book and the singing of the sweet lullaby has become such a positive addition to your bedtime routine. Thanks so much for your review xx

Thanks replaced a lost one for our Grandson he has raccoon and foxy back together again

So glad his pals are reunited! Thanks so much Kelly xx
We love it

I introduced this to my son who was just shy of 8 months at the time and he loves it! Rubs it over his face and puts himself to sleep!

Thanks so much for your review Jessica! So great to hear just how much your little one is loving his new snuggle buddy xx
Clover the bunny

My 3rd grandchild to receive a sleep toy! Works like a charm!!

So great to hear our pals are so loved in your family! Thanks so much for your review xx

So cute and the lullaby is helping form our sleep routine as we start to play as she (3month old) gets ready for getting into bassinet. Can’t wait til she is old enough to have proper snuggles and cuddle it.

So great to hear that your little one's pal has been such a positive addition to your sleep routine. I have no doubt their bond will continue to grow. Thanks so much for your review xx

Our 1 year old was having a terrible time with teething. Now she cuddles her raffy and is almost instantly asleep....and so am I!!! Couldn't love it more.

So wonderful to hear your little one's new bestie is helping soothe her and help her drift off to sleep. Thanks so much for taking the time to write a review xx
Great book

Great book my 2 year old loves it

Thanks Samantha! Glad you are loving x
Loves it!!

Our little guy loves his RiffRaff!! Should’ve bought one ages ago!!

Awesome to hear! Thanks so much Alicia xx
Great soother

We have the Faun/Deer one, and our son likes the Shhh/heartbeat option more so than the lullaby. It helps him drift off to sleep.

Thanks for your review Tracy! So glad to hear our pal helps your little one nod off into dreamland xx
Quinn loves Riff

My son Quinn adores his Riff the fox comforter. He especially loves cuddles with Riff as he is falling asleep.

Thanks for your review Amy, so thrilled to hear how much Quinn is loving his snuggle buddy xx

My 5 month old baby girl has always been a pretty good sleeper but day naps have sometimes been a little trickier to settle her down for. We purchased clover bunny and within 2 days of her arrival my daughter has stopped feeding to sleep and self settles herself for her naps to the soft sweet lullaby of clover bunny. Love this toy and wish I’d known about and purchased it sooner. Thank you

So wonderful to hear that our sleep toy has made such a difference to your little one's day naps. Thanks so much for taking the time to write a review for us xx

Since this is a Christmas gift, it is still in the box. It seems fairly cooperative about that so it gets 4 stars for that. If it came out and wrapped all the other gifts for me it would get 5 stars.

Lol love this review! Thanks so much for purchasing one of our pals for Christmas xx