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Thinking about adding one of these guys to your family but not sure if it is worth it?  We get reviews each and every day so check them out below! We also have articles on how to best introduce and the important roles of comforters but you can always chat to us if you have more questions. 

They are not magic and in most cases it will take time... But with patience and persistence you will have a best friend for your little one - one that can help them fall asleep, re-settle and stay asleep.
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Best invention ever

My daughter who is now 3 months old hated naps and fought us every single nap so we bought her a riff raff and it's saved our lives!! She doesn't fight us to nap anymore and is learning it's ok to fall asleep on her own! Thank you so much

The best purchase

I actually bought this for my five year old boy. He has really bad anxiety at bed time and found it so hard to wind down. Since having this comforter he has fallen asleep within 5 minutes!! Highly recommended this gorgeous product!

Nephew loves his riff

My nephew absolutely loves his Riff I brought him this as a replacement as the dog ate his go everywhere one.

Love it

My daughter loves white noise and i wanted something i could cart around where ever we went. She took a couple of days to grt used to the different white noise but absolutely loves iy. Just wish it was a little louder but thats it!

Wonderful beyond words

I can't actually rate this product and company high enough. Our Riff Raff journey started nearly 2 and a half years ago when we were gifted, as per request, Raffy (Bandit) for our eldest son at my baby shower. From day 1 he was the BEST sleeper, happily snoozing to the Riff Raff lullaby, I think because it was a familar sound as I used to lay Bandit on my belly for nap time in that last month of pregnancy. We were then extremely lucky to win our second Raffy (actually Raffy this time) in the one armed competition a little under a year ago. This was for our second son who was born this year. Unfortunately, sadly, our youngest son Liam died 8 days after birth and Raffy and Bandit became mine and my eldest sons comforter instead of his, as planned. Two months after his death we needed some time away as a family unfortunately just days before leaving Bandit's battery pack stopped working. I contacted Riff Raff and explained our situation and within 48hours we were on the plane with a working Bandit. I can  

not actually articulate what it meant for a company to go out of their way to make our life just that little bit easier after the worst two months of our lives. Fast forward to today and  our eldest son is starting Childcare next week and who better to take with him than his partner in crime Bandit. So Bandit 2 has become the new member of our family. Riff Raff thank you. Please don't ever lose the quality of your product or the passion behind your impeccable customer service because without knowing it you have brought so many smiles to this family, at times when we needed them the most. THANK YOU!

Love Raffy

Our eldest son has Bandit. He loves it and still uses him 2.5 years later. No doubt in my mind when our second son came along he’d be getting a member of the family. We got Raffy and our 3 month old has really started to take to him

Riff the fox

I ordered the Fox for my son in January it was a good thing to have until the stitching started coming apart on one of the ears now we no longer use it due to this

Cute lil companion

Lenny is one baby who can't fall asleep in complete silence. Having this cute little fawn gives her the option of the lullaby or the white noise which helps soothe her and not to mention its extra soft and cuddly. Super cute! 😍 Easy to wash and assemble. Even my 5yo wants one.

The first comforter she took to

I was so sceptical about the RiffRaff as my bub had not previously taken to any comforters. But at 13 months old and major troubles with day sleep I thought maybe the sound component would make the difference so gave it a go. The moment Raffy arrived my daughter loved pressing its ears and against my expectations bonded pretty much immediately. Raffy now goes everywhere with us and her day sleeps have improved tremendously!
Also loving the referral system. Saving up for a free Raffy to give to my pregnant friend.

8 month old Taj loves his Bao

We love Bao so much, we have two!! Taj loves to cuddle Bao while he sleeps. The white noise helps soothe him back to sleep if he stirs. The only thing I would change is I'd love the hounds to go longer than 40 mins....

Nellie and Kirra the Koala

Nellie is now 2 months old and has had Kirra for 3 weeks and is her new best friend. She knows when the white noise starts its sleep time. Nellie had to have plasters on her legs because she has talipes and Kirra has helped ease the discomfort throughout this time and helping her fall asleep easily. Thankyou so much Kim.

Bunny comforter

Introduced riff raff to my 6month old as her sleep has been all over (due to her 2yr old brother who loves waking her up)
She seems to love the lullaby more so have been getting her used to it slowly.
Her sleep especially through the night hasn't improved but perseverance may be the key.
Overall love the toy. Purchased 2 as a back up. Im sure she will love it !


Bandit helps Hamish go off to sleep especially during his day sleeps, now we're getting into a day routine at 2 months old!

Life saver

Our little bub was born a month early and would only sleep or settle on myself (mum) which would mean i couldnt really get anything done or spend any time with my other children as i was stuck in a routine of getting bub off to sleep put her into bed and then be back at her 5 minutes later as she had woken. since having clover bunny she sleeps and settles without needing mun as much its still a work in progress but definatly has made a difference especially of a night when mum needs her sleep also

Best investment

My daughter loves her raffy. She snuggles and loves the feel of raffy. Her day sleeps have never been easier

Best sleep toy!

We love our riff raff, we use it day and night, if she is feeling tired we tuck it in her arm and she grabs it with her hand feeling the material she also has her dummy but it's the lullaby that calms her and puts her right to sleep

Best choice by far!

Very happy with the purchase and the quick shipment thanks heaps.

Nice Quality Product

Bought Bandit for my 5 month old son. He liked Bandit right away, very soft and snuggly. I’ve been playing the lullaby and putting Bandit nearby for almost 2 weeks. Today during his afternoon nap time I handed him to my very over tired, but fighting sleep boy. He snuggled Bandit and closed his eyes to sleep! I was still rocking and cuddling my son to sleep but bandit definitely helped. Looking forward to Bandits longer term potential!

Gary the Koala! A Sleeping baby is a real thing!

Before we purchased Gary the Koala for our 4 month old boy Edward, he hated day naps and woke throughout the night. Now that he has Gary to comfort and settle him, he naps for 2 hours every nap and sleeps through the night! Wish i purchased it sooner. Definitely going to order another for backup :) Thanks!

Love It!

My 18 month old daughter loves her Raffy. We actually purchased one when she was born and I just purchased a second one because we lost the first one out of the pram while we were walking. We did find the original Raffy after a FaceBook community search but I am happy to have a back up.


Maxine loves her panda she’s been sleeping longer since we got it for her great purchase!


My baby didn’t care about it at first then it went missing and I found it again now he is 4 months old and it is his favorite. He cannot be without it! Loves it ♥️


I was a little bit spectacle if the riff raff would actually help my little man sleep longer and more he was already sleeping for 4 hours and I thought that wasn’t to bad, but I brought it anyways to see if it would make him sleep any longer at night and I’m not even kidding you but the since the first night we put the white noise setting on he has being sleeping 8-12 hour EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!! I can’t beli this cute little toy helped that much and from the get go! I have being recommending it to all of my friends that are having kids now, it’s such a cute toy for them to keep forever we love the customised glitter writing and so memorable for when they are older as he now sleeps with it every night and we take it every where we go too now! Thankyou so much riff raff you are sleep savers! 😂❤️

Love it!

Although my girl is probably still a bit too young for it, I certainly love our Riff Raff which we have named Bibi. I mostly use it in the car and for daytime naps at home or in the pram.

Very Cute!!

Very soft and cute! Have been slowly introducing it to my LO, mostly when putting him down at night time.