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Loves her Rif Raf

My daugther sleeps with her Rif Raf and it certainly helped her sleep.

Xavier & Raffy the Fawn

My grandson Xavier (5 months old) loves his Raffy the Fawn. I brought the sleep toy so he could have one at my house. He has Riff the Fox at home which he takes in the car & has to help settle him to sleep each time. My niece also brought the raccoon for her little boy too. I'm so thrilled that I brought this sleep toy for Xavier. I would recommend that this wonderful product be brought as a gift for all new babies and toddlers.

Soft and Soothing

I ordered early so that my baby could get used to the sounds of his Raffy fawn early. So far it's been easy to turn on the music while he's falling asleep. The timer is great and lets us not have to remember to turn the music off after a while. The battery has lasted 6 weeks already but we don't use it every day (yet!). Looking forward to when he can grasp things and interact with it more. Until then, having the big blanket for naps is a real plus, especially on the go. It's thin enough to be practical to carry in the bag but warm enough to be sufficient for fall naps.

Highly recommend

I brought this raffy bunny to help my son settle when he wakes up and that has done the job for sure! He loves his bunny and holds it to go to sleep the music also helps him settle.

Best thing ever !

My little girl absolutely loves her riff raff and can’t sleep without it !


Our little man, who had a traumatic start to life, was gifted a Riff Raff and Co Fox. We didn’t know the right names so we called him Raffy. I don’t think we would have gotten through the first few months after such a long hospital stay without Raffy. Our little man has just turned one and doing amazing. And he still loves his Raffy, even when we forget to replace the batteries.

So wonderful to hear your little one is doing so well and that he has found a bestie in his Raffy. So glad Raffy was able to be there for your little one right from the start. Thanks so much for your review xx

Bought Bandit for my nephew and he just loves it. I love the lullaby and he loves holding him cause he’s so soft. Highly recommend it

So great to hear how much your nephew is loving his new pal! Thanks so much for gifting Bandit and for recommending our pals to others xx

I haven’t used it yet as my son will be born in January 2020. I bc will be more than happy to review when he has arrived

Thanks Roxanne, while you wait for bub to arrive you might like to check out the blog on our website for some great reads xx
Riff Raff

Your Riff Raffs have changed the way we do bed time and are a lifesaver. My 3 year old cuddles his Bandit to sleep and my 7mo resettles using his Fox.

Cannot thank your team enough

So wonderful to hear our pals have made such a difference to your bedtime routine! Thanks so much for taking the time to write a review for us, it really means a lot xx
Love our Fox

My babe loves his Riff Raff and so do I!! He goes down with this at every nap to the heart beat and soothes him if he is restless at night.
I wish the batteries lasted longer and an option for it to stay on and not timeout to help little ones transition into the next sleep cycle (i find on longer naps i restart the riffraff before the next sleep cycle starts).
Overall a great product for my 3 month old.

Thanks so much for your review Rachel and letting us know your little one is loving their new pal. We recommend purchasing cheaper batteries for better value and your battery life will increase as bub grows. You can read all about why our pals don't play any longer via the below link: https://riffraffandco.com/blogs/riff-raff-rambles-sleep-tips-book-reviews-and-other-musings/why-dont-they-play-all-night xx


Thanks so much! xx
Rocky Raccoon

Love the raccoon (named him Rocky) and so does my little boy, but just wish there was an off button, having to flick the volume back and forth to turn off is a pain. The on button should be able to turn it off as well but overall happy with purchase!

Thanks for your review Wendy, great to hear you are loving your pal. The sound can be turned off at any stage by holding down one of the buttons for 3-5 seconds xx
Sleep savior!

We absolutely LOVE our Riff Raff sleep toy!! We were struggling to get our 2mth old baby girl to sleep longer than 20-30 minute cat naps.... enter Kirra Koala (we just call her “Raffy”)... we’re now getting proper day naps of 45-60mins for her short naps and up to 2.5hours for her long nap! Raffy is secured to the side of the bassinet and bubs snuggles her cheek into her. Raffy comes everywhere with us; car/pram/bed. Thank you RiffRaff!

Yay! So great to hear of the improvements you've seen in your little one's sleep. Thanks so much for taking the time to write a review for us xx
Riff Raff Love!

I recently purchased a bunny riff Raff for my 7 month old who barely sleeps. Lexi loves it and her sleep as improved since.
Only reason I give it 4 star and not 5, if that when I removed the sound box to wash it, I noticed a hole inside which I had to mend.

Thanks so much for your review Alison, so great to hear you've seen improvement in your little one's sleep since introducing our comforter. If you can send our lovely customer service team an email at hello@riffraffandco.com they can assist you with the concern regarding your plush xx

I purchased the bunny for my granddaughter she absolutely loves it. Thank you so much

Great to hear Kathryn, thanks so much xx

"Raffy" (as he is known at my place) has saved my sanity ! We have had much more settled nights since getting raffy. My son adores him and the best part is he is machine washable! Cant reccommend enough!

So glad to hear your little one is loving his Raffy and that sleep time is so much better! Thanks so much for your review xx
riff raffs

brought one last year when my son wasnt sleeping and i was pregnant he absolutely loved it he doesnt go anywherr without it and now my daughter is obsessed with hers as well we have 2 for each of them

So wonderful to hear our pals are loved so much by your little ones. Thanks so much for your review xx

Best money spent!
Great customer service!
We love it :)

Thanks so much Casey! xx
Love it!

My son instantly loved his Bandit, the lullaby is so soothing and he’s a perfect size for snuggles. He still needs me to hold him to sleep but I’m hoping the familiar tune will comfort him once he starts to self sooth. I wish the lullaby could be set to an infinite time because he wakes up the minute Bandit stops but it’s still early days. Wish I knew about this toy with my second born. Will definitely recommend RiffRaff to any new mums I know :)

Thanks so much for your review Amanda. So great to hear your little one is loving his new pal and is on his way to establishing that special bond. There is a very good reason our pals do not play constantly...you can read all about it here: https://riffraffandco.com/blogs/riff-raff-rambles-sleep-tips-book-reviews-and-other-musings/why-dont-they-play-all-night xx
No 1 Gift for all parents!

The best sleep toy available in market!
From the moment we brought our baby home we used Riff when putting him down to sleep. - he went down calmly & slept soundly. This is my go to for any baby shower presents so everyone can enjoy the benefits!

Thanks so much for your lovely review and for supporting our small biz buying gifting to other parents, it really means a lot xx

Absolutely amazing. Clover is turned on when bub is put down for nap or bedtime & is always asleep, before the 20min white noise finishes. The lullaby also works fantastically, to help settle up, if I put her down, and need to do something. Highly recommend!

So great to hear your little one has developed such a special bond and sleep association with her new pal! Thanks so much for your review xx
Very happy

I got this for my 15Mo and its worked like a charm he is finally sleeping in his own bed!

Yay, this is so awesome to hear! Thanks so much for your review xx
Must Have

This is one of my best purchases for my babe! He absolutely loves it. It is perfect to cuddle with and the lullaby it plays really is magic. He has to have it at pretty much every nap!

Thanks so much for your review Matraca! So wonderful to hear how much your little one is loving his new snuggle buddy xx

Amazing. Daughter loves it and knows it as her foxy. The melody is so soothing.

So wonderful to hear Caroline! Thanks so much for your review xx
Amazing comforter, but!

Amazing comforter! But terrible battery life and customer service weren’t great to deal with.

Hi Rhiannon, glad to hear you are loving our toy. Our team have been waiting to receive the requested video from you. As soon as we receive this we can sort things out for you asap xx