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Great comforter!

Love taking Theos fawn wherever we go! Can't wait to watch him grow and take it to bed with him every night. Very soothing and soft!

Love it

I brought it as a gift for my friends and it is gorgeous absolutely love it and it goes lovely with the nursery.
Would definitely recommend it to family and friends it is so cute.

Love how cute the raccoon is and how well made it is!

The sleeping aid toy has helped my little boy go to sleep alot quicker especially at night and seems to be more settled, we love how cute the raccoon is and how soft the material is.

Cute toy

I purchased Bandit for my 3 month baby. I have not noticed any difference in her settling or falling asleep (maybe she is too young).
I will continue to use it but sadly haven't seen the same success as others.

Can't go wrong!

I originally bought it for my newborn but once my 14 month got a hold of it he wouldn't let it go!! He is inlove with it!

Becoming great friends

I purchased the Fox for my almost 5 month old son to help him settle at night, it’s working well for the white noise as well as a comforter for daycare. Would recommend

I brought a RiffRaff sleep toy as a present, as the baby was a little unsettled, and knowing that RiffRaff toys work (having 2 for my children). I knew it would be perfect.
Baby now stays settled with RiffRaff nearby, singing it's lullaby


I am so happy that I decided to buy my 3 month old Riff the fox, he loves it. It's super soft and the white noise with heartbeat helps settle him to sleep within minutes.

The best thing since sliced bread!

I wanted a comforter for my little princess for her to grow attached to and love as she grew up. So we purchased ‘Raffy’.
My daughter is only 5 weeks old but we press Raffy’s ear for every sleep time for her to get used to the calming melody so that as she grows up, Raffy will be her comforter that soothes her and helps her to self settle. We love our ‘Raffy’ and are so happy with the quality, cuteness and soothing melody. We can definitely see that this is going to be the best thing in our daughters life that she will grow to love, maybe more then she will love her mummy and daddy!

Bandit Boy!

Our little Oakley Jack has adjusted amazingly well to our night time routine with the Bedtime Book and Bandit! He’s so soothed by both the lullaby and the white noise and so are we!! I recommend Riff Raff to everyone!

Sleeping beautiful

The boys love their riff raff to settle down at night

Life Saver

Life saver my son Kai was 3 months old when I introduced this. He took to Raffy straight away. We stopped using his mobile, the lullaby on this toy is more soothing and you can set the volume. I was sceptical but it has been amazing. Highly recommend to everyone to give it a go.

I purchased the riff raff for a close friend who is having a baby. My friend loves bandit.

Will purchase again

Bao The Panda

Total nap time life saver!
If anything or anyone is going to settle my 3 month old during the day for his naps it is his little buddy Bao. Been so handy for settling him on car trips or when his staying with his grandparents.


I haven't opened yet as it's a present for my son & partner. My niece recommended item.

Love it

This purchase was for our boy who needed a back up after one night of being sick on it, he wouldn't sleep without it. That was one long night of washing and drying that I will never endure again!
I had d also bought another to pack away for mass n years to come, in hopes that one day, if my boy has a son, I can gift him with a raffy also. Starry of a little tradition I suppose!

Is Raffy magic?

I brought Raffy the Fawn for my daughter at birth. I had read so many amazing reviews that I just had to try it for myself.
We didn't realise how lovely white noise can be, even my husband and I now fall asleep listening to it if it is playing at night for our daughter.
She is still young so no real attachment, however once she starts to recognise Raffy it will be a joy giving it to her given how soft and wonderdully made this keepsake is.
Thank you Riff Raff & Co for making such a wonderful product.

Excellent item

Love the items . Purchased the rabbit. It is so adorable. Material is so soft and good. And i have to say, it really calms my baby to sleep. i have got to say the staff are also very very friendly and prompt in replying my query emails. I am a buyer from Singapore

Absolutely thrilled!!

I have never purchased a sleep toy like this before, my baby number 5 is 10 months old, I co sleep, breastfeed to sleep, whatever works for my babies, and am ok with that!! However I read your reviews one day and decided to try as I had a chronic skin pincher on my hands! I was black and blue and struggling to get her to attach to anything other than my skin!!
Well our new koala arrived and Oka instantly fell in love!! Within 1 week, she went from falling asleep on the breast for day naps and bedtime, to going to sleep herself in the cot!! The first of my 5 kids to ever do this! She just loves it, I am so thrilled, surprised at how quick she took to it, and even more surprised how calm the whole process was!! We absolutely adore our koala, and will invest in another one!! Thank you for this brilliant idea!!


Received Bandit as a gift from Nana and got Clover as our back up. Our little girl loves them both! She cuddles into them and is so comforted by them. She wakes every morning happy with one in each hand, we love our Riff Raffs!! Xo

Very Cute

Beautifully made. It's not the miracle cure for sleep i have read about but it gives me another tool in my back pocket and gives me extra confidence by having something to build on her nap/sleep routine which is easily consistent!

Was for a present and they were happy with it


Thank you for bandit he is beautiful after only 3 weeks my boy loves him to help him settle to sleep ❤️

Riff Raffs provide comfort to Bubs

My daughter bought a Riff Raff for her Bub because she was having trouble getting him into a sleep routine. The Riff Raff has become a comfort vehicle for my grandson. So I have since purchased 2 as gifts to give 2 new Mums the same comfort for their Bubs.


Bubs not born yet but can’t wait to use my nephew has one and he loves it