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Honestly so happy with my order , it is good quality and exactly what I wanted couldn’t be happier 🥰

so wonderful to hear! Thanks so much for your review x
We’re in love!

My son is 19 months and has had Bandit, aka. Riffy, since birth. To say he’s obsessed is an understatement. Riffy is well loved! He’s cuddled to sleep everyday, provides some comfort when it’s most needed (like at the doctors after we’ve split our head on the coffee table), stops the tears and enjoys many slobbery kisses. Since the birth of our son, we have gifted many Riff Raff and co. products and the feedback has always been great! We love Riffy in the Jackson household!

So lovely to hear how much Riffy is loved in your household. Thanks so much for your review and for supporting our small biz xx
Amazing Gift!

I recently bought a RiffRaff for my sister who is expecting her first Bub, the purchasing process was sooo simple and it arrived within DAYS! We were so impressed with how quickly everything was done and the quality is amazing :)
It is soooooooo soft and we cannot wait for bub to arrive now to test its magic xxx

Thanks so much for your review Jennifer and for gifting one of our pals to you sister xx

Love!! We now have a real free car rides and my bub self settled from 7 weeks old with his ‘Riffy.’

So wonderful to hear Riffy has made a difference to those dreaded car trips! Thanks so much xx
Excellent product

Excellent product, Bub loves it

Thanks so much for your review Leisa x

My son is only 4 weeks old and loves his Riff Raff!!

He holds it so tight and it completely settles him!

I would definitely recommend this to anyone!!

How gorgeous!! Thanks so much Hayley xx

Very happy with our Riff Raff it has definately helped settle our little one

So thrilled to hear you are loving your new pal, thanks so much xx
Bedtime book

My son loves his bedtime book and it has become part of his nighttime routine. I especially like how the pages are all thick hard cover cardboard which makes it great for toddlers who are the opposite of careful. Definitely glad we got the matching bedtime book with our Bandit.

So thrilled to hear how much you are loving our bedtime book and how it has become a part of your bedtime routine. Thanks so much for taking the time to write a review xx
Love it! Best thing ever!

I bought raffy for my 8 week old daughter in the hopes it would either help her sleep longer or help her to eventually self settle. It did really well over the first week and helps my daughter calm down. 3rd day in of having it and she self settled.. I also ordered one for my nephew and it has been helping a lot. Only downside is I've had it not quite 2 weeks yet and the stitching from one of the paws has come undone :( obviously doesn't effect how it is used but I'm sad about it.
Thankyou to riff raff and co for making an excellent safe comforter!
My 6 and 5 year old nephews want one now too 😁

Best Comforter Ever!!

Bandit the Bandicoot (renamed Tanuki) has changed our daughter’s life!! She is settling immediately and transitioning between sleep cycles seamlessly since we introduced Tanuki last Wednesday! He’s already going everywhere with us and if it’s time for a nap we just turn the lullaby on and Lettie knows it’s time to sleep! We’re definitely buying at least two more most likely a Raffy and a Clover but who knows I’ll probably collect the set!! Love love love The Riff Raff and Co toys!!


From the moment we got Fawn my daughter has loved her. The white noise helps her settle to sleep much quicker, and she loves snuggling into her. She loves her new best friend. Highly recommended.


Love Love Love the product ! My son also is absolutely in love! We have nicknamed him Bandy !
Thank you so much !!

love it!

the lullaby is super soothing and i put it on every night for my little ones bed time feed. i think i love it more than he does!

Loves her Fawn

Our little love adores her fawn. Prefers the lullaby to white noise when sleeping. I love the personalised rose gold name detailing.


My little man is 10 months old and ordered one when he was 2 weeks old to this day will not sleep at night withput his white noise he enjoys rhe music but only during the day 1000000% reccommend also i found the cheaper aldi brand batteries last 10× longer then the expensive brands in the sound box. You wont be disappointed im making a second and 3rd purchase this week!

Raff raccoon

Omg I’m so glad I found Raff he’s been amazing for my little one no more waking and having to get up . He feels for Raff and off to sleep he goes 😍 . And no more lost dummies .

Great product

It helps my little one sleep and be less irritated when sleeping. Great design and very comfy and soft. I would recommend it to other parents that are new and wanting to try something. You'll be helping yourself and your little one too.

Great Gift!

This little lovey is amazing. It is so comforting to the little ones and also is relaxing to parents. My husband and I have one as well for our daughter and we play the lullaby as well to help us sleep. Great product!

We love the raccoon it sleeps with our little girl every night.

Loves her Clover

I bought a Riff Raff for my 4 week old not knowing if they actually work.. My Bub was super clingy, and wouldn’t let me put her down, since having Clover she will happily go in her swing or bassinet and self sooth herself to sleep! So happy, will definitely recommend 😊

amazing customer service

Upon receiving our toy, the sound box wasn't quite right.
I contacted customer service and they sent a replacement sound box via express post.

My son loves his riff raff toy.

Love it

There is sometimes that it just calms him but majority of the time it puts him to sleep. ❤

Bees knees

My god is Riff Raff (or in our case bandit) the bees knees! We introduced bandit at around 4weeks just to ensure our lo had something to associate with sleep, as he’s not 100% sold on his dummy. Well My 11wo has been sleeping through the night (around 80% of the time) for the past 3 weeks now. During the day I just play the lullaby and pat his nose for around 30 seconds and that’s it he’s out. Night time all I do is put him down with bandit and he’s out, no settling required. We’re absolutely in love and won’t leave the house without it!

Kaydens riff raff

He fell inlove with it straight away couldnt be more happier. More sleep for mummy and bub 😍

Fabulous and so soft!

I decided to buy it when my 14-month-old was very jetlagged and not sleeping at night. He was usually quite easy to put to sleep except during some phases of traveling, jetlag, instability and other occasions but not the same story for his naps. Well, I couldn't say if it's only this cute raccoon but it's exceptional if I have difficulty to put him down to bed straight away and it has improved his naps home and at daycare. I really like it and would happily offer as a gift to all my friends who are or will be parent :)

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