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Never received the book I paid for

I paid for the book and security blanket. Received the blanket which is awesome, just never received the book that goes along with the fox. This was a baby shower gift. Little upsetting.


Bandit worked its magic the moment we introduced it to my son. He always had trouble falling asleep on his own and needed to be carried to sleep. But with Bandit, the lullaby and the softness of the comforter would quickly soothe him to sleep. Just MAGIC!

Present for baby the loved it where very happy

Great product

This is a fantastic sleep aid it was brought for my premie neice (twins 30 weeks) after recomendation has been a great gift so far

Great Toy

My newborn Grandson sleeps so soundly with his Riff Raff by his side.


Riffraffs are wonderful and really help with keeping baby calm and help with sleep

Slowly but surely

Trying to wean my little one off of breastfeeding and the whole family have noticed a difference in his sleeping. I can actually leave the bed after putting him to sleep, or even put him down in his bassinet for a nap!! It's taking time, as he's 10 months old rather than a newborn, but we're getting there, and I think this is making the transition easier for him

Riff the fox

I have only just given this to Jackson but he has borrowed his cousins raccoon one day with a wonderful result. Look forward to some quality sleep for him and mum and dad

Absolutely brilliant

Absolutely beautiful

Best after sales experience ever

One thing that I absolutely love about this company is that they do not leave you alone after you purchase their product. My soundbox was broken less than 2 weeks after arrived, I contact the customer service and they immediately sent me the new sound box with express post! Really amazing! Regarding whether it really works or not, I havent found it help my baby's sleep yet. She still wakes up every night, but maybe that's because I havent tried all of the tips & trick. Wish to have more information about how to effectively use it to help my baby's sleep. Overall, great custoner service ever!!!

Jax and Foxy

My gorgeous grandson Jaxson loving his Riff Raff fox

Naww what a cutie! So glad to hear he is loving his foxy! Thanks so much for sharing xx
Raffy has become part of our lives

We take raffy everywhere with us. She's part of the family ;)

So thrilled to hear our pal has become a special part of your family! Thanks so much for your review xx

My 5 week old absolutely adores her Riff! As soon as she hears the lullaby, she settles right down and goes off to sleep

So wonderful to hear Clare! Thanks so much for your review xx
Lovely toy but cheap sound box

My daughter loves her new sleep toy, but it is yet to impact her sleep at all. The sound box is very tinny and produces an irritating low quality white noise. Even after changing the batteries, which was necessary after one use, the sound is still poor. We will continue to use the toy as a comforter, but will not use the sound.

Hi Sarah, our customer service team have tried emailing you so we can sort your sound box out and have your pal back up and running as it should. This is always our highest priority if you can get back to us, we can sort asap for you xx
5 stars

Love this. Thankyou!

Great to hear Teigan! Thanks so much xx

My little munchkin was 3 months when we received riff raff, he was already sleeping through but could not settle himself, after a few days with raff he started settling himself off to sleep without any assistance from mum or dad! We now take raff everywhere as it settles the little man in seconds! Best purchase so far.

Thanks so much for your review Rhiannon! So great to hear that your little one's bestie has helped him learn to self settle xx
Should’ve got one sooner!

I’d heard good things about riff raff’s but kept putting it off thinking Na, baby doesn’t need one then eventually when bub WOULD NOT SLEEP I was at my wits end and willing to try everything! So I bought one, and wow, I wish I had of got one right from the start!

Right from the first time using Riff the Fox it was astounding how well he worked! He’s also helped with our journeys in the car, and kept bub calm, quiet and occupied during a funeral we had to recently attend. It just keeps amazing me!!

Considering how often we use it on a daily basis it’s been nearly a month now and I’m only just having to change the batteries now. Super happy WE HAVE A SLEEPING BABY NOW!! 🦊 Thanks Riff Raff!

So thrilled to hear just how much our pal has helped your little one's (and yours!) sleep and helped to keep him calm and settled when needed. Thanks so much for taking the time to write such a wonderful review for us xx
love at first snuggle

my little one has responded very positively since we introduced her new friend 😊

So great to hear Kerrie! Thanks so much for your review xx
Very sweet

Love the little bunny. Great quality and fast postage. Well made. I do think my bubby is too young to reap the full benefits just yet but I am working on familiarity and sleep association for down the track

So glad you are loving your new pal. It sounds like you are well on your way to establishing those positive sleep associations and developing that very special bond. Thanks so much for your review xx
Happy mum happy bub

I was really sceptical at first and wasent sure becouse they didnt cone cheap, but am so happy it has helped my little one sleep during the day witch is where we were struggling

So glad to hear that you decided to purchase one of our pals and that you have seen such a difference already. I am sure they will grow to be the very best of friends. Thanks so much for your review Bridgette xx
Best Buy ever!

My bub was VERY clingy, he’d scream for hours if I wasn’t there with him and have music playing. When he was 8 weeks he got his riffraff “bao” and it was love at first sight! Since then he goes to sleep staring at him and I don’t have to be there holding his hand! It’s great!

So thrilled to hear that your little one had such an instant connection to his pal Bao! Such a special bond that no doubt will continue to grow and grow. Thanks so much for your review xx
Fox,rabbit and fawn

I have bought my daughter many comforters from other stores but these ones are the best :) they are so soft and the sound effects just top it off x

Thanks for your review Lindsay! So great to hear you are loving your new pal xx

Harriet loves it

Awesome to hear Moira! xx


My daughter loves the riff raff it has helped so much not only with her sleep but also long car rides. We bring it everywhere now and I honestly don’t know what I would do without it! Best money I’ve ever spent.

Thanks so much for your review Jaime! So great to hear that how much your little one's pal has helped make bedtime and car rides so much easier xx

Best sleep aid everrrr, honestly life saver!!!

Thanks so much Kirsty! Great to hear xx