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Riff Raff Sleep Toy

Riff Raff Sleep Toy
Riff Raff Sleep Toy Riff Raff Sleep Toy Riff Raff Sleep Toy Riff Raff Sleep Toy Riff Raff Sleep Toy Riff Raff Sleep Toy Riff Raff Sleep Toy Riff Raff Sleep Toy Riff Raff Sleep Toy Riff Raff Sleep Toy Riff Raff Sleep Toy Riff Raff Sleep Toy Riff Raff Sleep Toy Riff Raff Sleep Toy Riff Raff Sleep Toy Riff Raff Sleep Toy Riff Raff Sleep Toy Riff Raff Sleep Toy Riff Raff Sleep Toy Riff Raff Sleep Toy

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As well as being super cute, Riff Raff & Co sleep toys have been designed to be used as a toy to promote sleep. Through the use of sound, comfort and routine these toys support babies and toddlers in falling asleep and resettling.

And they work! With a total of over 1600+ 5-star reviews between Facebook and our store from mums, dads and grandparents all over the world you can rest assured you are giving them a gorgeous and important friend for life.  

All of our sleep toys have the following nifty features:

  • Washable
  • Plays a white noise with heartbeat
  • Plays our MAGICAL lullaby
  • Two volume and playback settings
  • Dummy holder (amen!)
  • Security strap to adhere to cots, prams and carseats

Sure they are great for building a positive sleep association and promote self settling during the evenings..  But what else are they good for?  With time Riff Raff & Co sleep toys will become your little one's bestie. They become the very important 'transitional object' which helps support little ones during periods of change and normal anxieties such as separation from mum and dad, starting childcare, immunisations and other.  Read more about the importance of these here.  

They are fitted with a sound box programmed with two sounds to choose from, both specially designed to help calm and soothe babies from newborn through to toddlers. Choose from two volume settings and a 20 min or 40 min length of play.

Our sleep toys are made from a super soft polyester so they remain soft and fluffy to touch but also very durable and washable.  Simply machine wash and even dry in the dryer for a brand-new looking toy - even after the most severe toddler punishing! 

Due to popular demand you can now personalise your Riff Raff & Co sleep toy!  Please read our FAQs here to view colours, the process and related conditions.  

The blanket of the toy measures 32cm x 32cm and the head approximately 13cm in diameter.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 1679 reviews
Best invention ever

My daughter who is now 3 months old hated naps and fought us every single nap so we bought her a riff raff and it's saved our lives!! She doesn't fight us to nap anymore and is learning it's ok to fall asleep on her own! Thank you so much

The best purchase

I actually bought this for my five year old boy. He has really bad anxiety at bed time and found it so hard to wind down. Since having this comforter he has fallen asleep within 5 minutes!! Highly recommended this gorgeous product!

Nephew loves his riff

My nephew absolutely loves his Riff I brought him this as a replacement as the dog ate his go everywhere one.

Love it

My daughter loves white noise and i wanted something i could cart around where ever we went. She took a couple of days to grt used to the different white noise but absolutely loves iy. Just wish it was a little louder but thats it!

Wonderful beyond words

I can't actually rate this product and company high enough. Our Riff Raff journey started nearly 2 and a half years ago when we were gifted, as per request, Raffy (Bandit) for our eldest son at my baby shower. From day 1 he was the BEST sleeper, happily snoozing to the Riff Raff lullaby, I think because it was a familar sound as I used to lay Bandit on my belly for nap time in that last month of pregnancy. We were then extremely lucky to win our second Raffy (actually Raffy this time) in the one armed competition a little under a year ago. This was for our second son who was born this year. Unfortunately, sadly, our youngest son Liam died 8 days after birth and Raffy and Bandit became mine and my eldest sons comforter instead of his, as planned. Two months after his death we needed some time away as a family unfortunately just days before leaving Bandit's battery pack stopped working. I contacted Riff Raff and explained our situation and within 48hours we were on the plane with a working Bandit. I can  

not actually articulate what it meant for a company to go out of their way to make our life just that little bit easier after the worst two months of our lives. Fast forward to today and  our eldest son is starting Childcare next week and who better to take with him than his partner in crime Bandit. So Bandit 2 has become the new member of our family. Riff Raff thank you. Please don't ever lose the quality of your product or the passion behind your impeccable customer service because without knowing it you have brought so many smiles to this family, at times when we needed them the most. THANK YOU!